HC JRD Cheer is acknowledged as the Premier Cheer Organization in Flemington within the Hunterdon Central sending district. We provide children with an opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment.

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JRD Mandatory Fundraisers (2)


The following fundraisers will be required by each JRD Cheerleader throughout the season. Failure to participate in or buyout of required fundraisers could impact your child’s eligibility to participate in practice and/or games and competitions.


1. Tag Day


Tag Day is an event where kids, along with their parents, stand at storefronts with cans asking shoppers to support the Jr. Red Devils with cash donations. This is also known as canning.  This occurs throughout a specific weekend in August. Each child is obligated to participate or buyout. Buyouts are optional and cost $40 for each child or $80 (maximum) for a family.


2. Raffle


The raffle is an event where players sell $5 raffle tickets for a chance to win cash prizes. Each family is required to sell 20 tickets per child (max. 40 tickets per family) or to purchase a buyout. Buyouts are optional and cost $75 per child - $150 max. per family.



Homecoming Raffle Winners

Year Winners

1st: Mark Cole (Board member and Freind of FMF)

2nd: Blum Family (JV Football, Varsity Cheer)

3rd McMorrow Family ( JV & Flag Family)


1st: John Cunningham (Varsity Skyland Family)

2nd: Lauterbach Family (Friends of the Aponte Family, JV Skyland)

3rd: Tony Tedesco (Warren County Flag & JV Family)


1st:  The Reilly Family   (a Varsity Cheer and WC Family)

2nd:  T DalPezzo    (relative of DalPezzo Family from PW Cheer)

3rd:  J Ridorfino  


1st:  The Burlew Family (a JV Cheer family)

2nd:  The Kreder Family (a Silk Cheer family)

3rd:  M Rotondi (relative of Gall family from FMF Cheer)


1st: The Mckenna family (a JRD JV family)

2nd: The Catherwood family (a Silk cheer family)

3rd: P. Gordon (relative of the Askew family from FMF cheer)